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At Affluencer Financial we focus on pure advice and no sales.



  • Meet with a financial advisor.

  • Great for check-ups on the go.

  • Question & Answer Session.

  • No sales pressure!



  • Unlimited Access to our entire team.

  • In-person, phone, video conference meetings.

  • Tax, Financial, and estate advice.

  • No sales pressure!

  • Made for complex retirement or financial planning.

  • Unlimited hours until project is completed.

  • No sales pressure!


$3,000 - $15,000


Fee Based Financial Advice?

A financial professional who's primary income is derived from a set fee (hourly or project), instead of sales commissions. This type of arrangement alleviates the financial professional's urge to constantly try to "sell" you something.

Paying a flat-fee for financial planning is a new and unique approach which is very cost effective and practical for people looking to get quality objective financial advice without sales pressure. A flat-fee arrangement encourages clients to address their financial concerns without worrying about being ‘on the clock,’ as they might with an attorney and, moreover, it alleviates the financial professionals’ urge to constantly “sell” you something.


Let’s face it, most financial advisors and financial planners earn their income through commissions based on sales of products or money management services. Consumers often complain about not receiving unbiased financial advice, since most advisors are motivated and incentivized by what you buy.


At Affluencer Financial, we focus on pure advice and no sales. Our goal is to give you all of the guidance, support, tools and information you need for a flat fee. This takes away the distraction of constantly worrying if you will buy something from us and allows our advisors to focus completely on you and your goals.

The average $500,000 portfolio generates more than $6,250 a year in fees for the financial industry.

"Why should I pay for financial planning?


There are plenty of financial advisors who do it for free."

The truth is that nobody works for free. When a financial advisor offers “free financial advice” all they really offer is a free opportunity to sell you something. The only way a financial advisor can afford to offer “free appointments” is if they make money selling you something else.


Therefore, the “free appointments or reviews” are typically not objective, independent or even useful. Ask the financial advisor offering complimentary appointments when was the last time he or she told a client not to change a thing in their investment accounts. If the financial advisor is honest, the answer will be “never”.


Affluencer financial advisors we are bound by law to provide independent and objective guidance, putting clients’ interests first and foremost. Our focus is to give you guidance, not sell you products.

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Affluencer financial is a fee-based financial planning firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We do not make investment decisions on behalf of clients; rather we provide comprehensive advice and solutions without encouraging you to buy products. In fact, we do not manage securities nor are we affiliated with any investment firm that provides us management fees based on the purchase or trade of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. We simply provide clients with unbiased, independent, objective advice on their personal financial goals. *Affluencer is not a securities firm, "Investments" refers to fixed products and real estate. Fiduciary engagements must be agreed upon and approved by both parties in writing.