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Certified Financial Planner

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Client Testimonials

Natasha H.

Los Angeles, CA

Sam Rad is one of the most talented and helpful financial advisors in Los Angeles. I have worked with him and was very impressed at the level of service I've received. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a top level financial resource. He really takes time to get to know you and truly cares about doing whats right. Through my time working with him I have realized that he is someone that goes the extra mile to make sure that he puts my needs ahead of his. I highly recommend giving him a try since hes always a genuine person that cares!

Mark D.

Beverly Hills, CA

Never having dealt with a financial planner, I had some anxiety about meeting with one. I was concerned whether or not the advice I received would have a self-serving, used-car salesman agenda (gotta make those sales!). Luckily my anxiety was ill-founded. The 5 star reviews for Sam are completely justified. 

Jenny P.

Los Angeles, CA

Samuel Rad is one of the best financial advisors in Los Angeles. He's very familiar with women's financial planning issues and easy to talk to for advice. I would definitely recommend him!

Michelle Y.

Los Angeles, CA

Being a doctor, my investments are the last thing that I think about.

Like many other people I want to be responsible and smart about money but I don't always have the time or resources. Samuel Rad helped me with my 401K rollover and retirement planning without it being stressful and painful. 

I realized that he especially understands financial planning concepts that are unique to me as a woman. Highly recommended.







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Samuel Rad attended Beverly Hills High School and received his B.S. in Finance at California State University Northridge. He attended University of California Los Angeles for his advanced studies in Financial Planning for license as a Certified Financial Planner.


Certified Financial Planner

Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant

Calfornia Real Estate License

Calfornia Insurance License



Samuel Rad is an instructor at UCLA and teaches regularly at West Los Angeles College and Los Angeles City College.  He is the financial controller of LASHA "Los Angeles Sephardic Home of the Aging".

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