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Affluencer Financial Advisor in Los Angeles

Unlimited Financial Advice for a Flat Fee.

Are you tired of being just another account number?

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How do we charge?

Simple, Easy, Smart. 


A monthly subscription allows you to have your own team of high-end financial advisors, tax experts and estate planners with unlimited usage. Similar to a gym membership we will not charge you for each visit.


Attend unlimited financial workshops given by our college instructors. You and your family have full access.


Pay one flat fee to have our professional financial planners give you all of the retirement, financial and tax advice you need to make your financial goals a reality. Regardless of how long it takes us to complete your project, your fee is fixed and will not increase.


We do not charge management, investment fees or any additional fees for phone calls or meetings.

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Sometimes all you need is a couple of hours of objective financial advice or brainstorming to get you on the right path. Whether it is real estate planning, tax strategies, retirement or estate planning, we can visit with you on an hourly basis without sales pressure. We can meet in person, on the phone or even via internet. Similar to a doctors' office we will evaluate your financial health and give you a prescription on how to improve your situation.

Why Affluencer ?

You've never had an experience like this.


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Imagine a life where a group of financial professionals are communicating and planning on your behalf.

How are we different?

All of your experts are under one roof.


Certified Public Accountants offer clients in-depth knowledge about the world of taxation and have the ability to use advance tax strategies for clients with high assets. CPA's offer a significant advantage over a typical tax prepare. 

The Certified Financial Planner is the nation's highest regarded designation in the area of financial advice. It requires over three years of graduate level training followed by a 12-hour exam. Only 23% of financial advisors in America have this designation.




Chartered Financial Analyst brings to the table concentrated knowledge in the area of economics, financial theory and other advanced topics.  Only 17% of financial advisors in America hold this designation due to its difficulty level.

Multiple disciplines.
Multiple experts.
One client.
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We Are Here To Educate, Empower, and Elevate You!

What we do?

Retirement, Estate, Financial


Creating a worry-free retirement starts with careful analysis and planning.  Our financial experts will help you discover all of your available options and give you a clear roadmap on when to take your Social Security benefits, which pension options to choose, what the best savings methods are, and how to invest your savings in a safe and sound way for a lasting retirement without worry. Our advisors are fee-based which means they are not looking to sell you products; rather they are focused on which strategies give you the best results when it comes to your money.

Putting together a careful estate plan will help you eliminate estate taxes, avoid probate and deliver your assets to your loved ones without headache. Our estate planning process will also protect you and your loved ones from healthcare disasters using the right techniques to prevent running out of money in case of healthcare issues.  Combining a savvy estate plan with your retirement plan can save you thousands of dollars in income and savings on estate taxes.  Being holistic means that we will consider and balance all angles of your financial life.

At the end of the day, it’s not what you make it’s what you keep when it comes to money.  At Affluencer® Financial we don’t just help you make money; we help you keep it through intelligent tax strategies and smart tax preparation. Most financial advisors invest your money without having a clear picture of your tax situation, while you may make money on one end; you may be paying much of it out in taxes on the other end.  Our holistic financial planning considers all factors of your financial life, not just your investment portfolio.

"All Under One Roof"

What do our clients say?

Well... See for yourself.

"The best decision I've ever made..."

"I no longer have to worry..."

"I now feel in full control..."

About Affluencer Financial


Affluencer is a financial advisory company specializing in holistic financial planning and financial advice*, using only highly

educated and well credentialed experts in the fields of

Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Taxes.

Affluencer helps clients manage their finances and make profitable decisions when it comes to their investments, pensions, Social Security, annuities, life insurance and taxes.  Affluencer clients benefit from a whole team of advisors' guidance rather than a single-advisor approach.


All Affluencer advisors are Fiduciariesᶧ and place the interest of clients first. We do not pressure clients into making decisions.

Experience the the Affluencer  difference


10 Min Phone Consults are free.

(310) 730-1330

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