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You are working hard to make sure you get to the retirement "finish line".  We work hard to make sure that whatever you earn stays within your household, and not with Uncle Sam.  Our clients benefit from a coordinated effort between their financial advisor and their tax expert.  Our job is to make sure that we use every tax, and financial strategy in the books to maximize your tax savings and help you keep money within the family.  Most of the techniques we use are uncommon in that they are often too "costly" for the typical tax-preparer to try to explain and execute.


A few of our techniques: 

  • Using your income property as a "gold mine" for tax deductions

  • Roth conversion strategies using the help of tax and financial experts

  • Using your business as a tax shield against unwanted audits

  • Protect your assets against income taxes and estate taxes

  • Preparing you for a tax free retirement using insurance vehicles

  • Using private pensions to fund retirement and reduce tax

  • Creating tax free income using Trusts


Believe it or not, your tax situation can change significantly from your working years to your retirement.  In retirement you may have "new" sources of income such as Pension and Social Security income.  Our firm is very knowledgeable in this particular area  because we specialize in retirement.  For our retiree clients we focus on a "MIMT Strategy" which stands for Maximum Income, Minimum Tax.  This way you are able to live a comfortable retirement life while making sure you don't deplete your nest egg.  



A few of our techniques: 

  • Shielding your Social Security income from taxation

  • Using charitable donations as a significant source of tax credits

  • Utilizing tax law to reduce or eliminate capital gains tax on sale of your primary home

  • Creating tax free income using tax advantaged retirement vehicles

  • Using advance trusts in order to reduce or eliminate taxes

Imagine having all of your financial experts coordinate together, for your benefit.

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Affluencer financial is a fee-based financial planning firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We do not make investment decisions on behalf of clients; rather we provide comprehensive advice and solutions without encouraging you to buy products. In fact, we do not manage securities nor are we affiliated with any investment firm that provides us management fees based on the purchase or trade of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. We simply provide clients with unbiased, independent, objective advice on their personal financial goals. *Affluencer is not a securities firm, "Investments" refers to fixed products and real estate. Fiduciary engagements must be agreed upon and approved by both parties in writing.