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We provide TVand Radio personality financial advisors for expert commentary on TV, Radio and print. They can address a variety of financial topics such as current events, stock market news, market cycles, investor behavior, retirement, and celebrity financial news. Our associates are trained public speakers and have experience on TV and Radio.  They are witty, entertaining and thought provoking. To book an expert please use the Contact section.


Evening News

"Affluencer helps a homeless man"

Samuel Rad

FOX 11 Evening News

"Stock Market News"

(Samuel Rad)

ABC 7 Eyewitness News

"Using Technology to Manage Personal Finances"

(Samuel Rad)

Samuel Rad Financial Advisor

E News


"Kim Kardashian's financial fallout"

(Samuel Rad)


"Smart Money Fundamentals"

(Samuel Rad)

"Smart Money Fundamentals" on KFWB 980AM -
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KNX 1070AM

Special Report on Retirement Planning with Tom Haule & Charles Feldman

(Samuel Rad)

Retirement Planning on KNX 1070 -
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Affluencer financial is a fee-based financial planning firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We do not make investment decisions on behalf of clients; rather we provide comprehensive advice and solutions without encouraging you to buy products. In fact, we do not manage securities nor are we affiliated with any investment firm that provides us management fees based on the purchase or trade of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. We simply provide clients with unbiased, independent, objective advice on their personal financial goals. *Affluencer is not a securities firm, "Investments" refers to fixed products and real estate. Fiduciary engagements must be agreed upon and approved by both parties in writing.