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We believe every problem has more than one solution.


The financial industry is polluted with jargon and technical gibberish.  At Affluencer Financial we take pride in speaking to our clients with SIMPLE and easy to understand words so you are clear and confident in us, and in your financial future.  We will never drown you with numbers or speak to you in a way in which you will end up with more questions than answers. All of our associates are also college instructors and therefore they have mastered the art of making complex concepts very simple and easy to understand. 

One of the founding principles that we used in order to start the firm was that we wanted to break away from the traditional cookie-cutter approach to financial advice. We believe that the financial services industry has become complaisant and self-serving rather than resourceful and enthusiastic to help consumers achieve their goals. Most of the industry is now bloated with fees and more concerned with the bottom line rather than the client! We believe that every problem has more than one solution and we are determined to find it for you.  Our clients are our employers and we strive to solve their issues.

We treat our clients as people and not as account numbers. We know that behind all of the numbers are real people, with real lives, goals and dreams. Our goal is to become a lifetime resource for our clients by always placing them ahead of profits and making sure that their goals are met with the highest level of integrity and transparency. All clients are informed of any costs, fees in advance and we will never speak down to you. That's our promise!

Some of the most honest financial advisors I have ever met. I truly enjoyed the experience. -Jannet

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