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By doing business with us, you agree to the following:

You are in total control:

Welcome to Affluencer®. We are excited to introduce you to a new way of approaching financial advice. At Affluencer™, we do not make investment decisions on behalf of clients; rather, we provide comprehensive advice and solutions without pressuring you to buy or sell products. As the client, you will at all times have complete control, information and discretion over all decisions relating to our advice and financial solutions. At no time will our firm or consultants take discretionary authority (“control”) over your accounts including your securities, real estate and other investments. We are a unique advice-based firm focused on providing a variety of retirement strategies, tax techniques, insurance solutions, investment ideas, and sound financial guidance in order for you to achieve your goals, therefore you agree that we shall not retain any liability beyond the advice-fees that we charge. 


You are entitled to either follow or completely disregard any advice or recommendation given by us. There is no pressure.



There may be a conflict of interest at times:

In order to advise you, we must be licensed in many different financial products and services such as tax, insurance, estate planning, etc.  At some point, certain products may be appropriate in the implementation of your financial goals. We will recommend such products or services to you for your benefit; however, you are not obligated to utilize the products or services that we recommend. If you do engage or utilize the products or services that we recommend, we will likely receive compensation from such companies, products or services.


We will always disclose to you, in the appointment, if there are any additional fees that will directly affect you or your investments.


We preserve your confidentiality:

Your confidentiality is of high concern to us. Everything you communicate to us, whether oral or written is held in complete privacy. We maintain identifiable information about our clients during the span of our engagement and for a period thereafter (as required by both financial-industry and privacy laws). After that time, the information will be destroyed for your protection. You authorize us to contact, consult with and share information with our professional counterparts, consultants and employees in the performance of servicing your needs.


We may also consult with and share your information with: your accountants, attorneys, consultants, designated relative(s) and agents, as deemed necessary in the performance of our services, or if we notice a possible deterioration in your capacities.  You understand and agree that telephone conversations and client meetings may be recorded without further notice, and that such records are maintained and owned by us in order for us to regulate and improve our staff’s performance. All conversations and documents are handled with the highest level of confidentiality in order to help you relax and be yourself around us!


We are not a securities licensed firm:

Affluencer Financial is a non-securities firm and does not generate fees based on the purchase, ​sales, trade, analysis of or advice on stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. ​ We provide clients with unbiased, independent, objective advice on their personal financial and retirement goals. If you do need securities advice and management, we will refer you to a securities company who can address your needs in conjunction with our financial planning advice.

Contact information

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our privacy policy, you may contact us at 310.730.1330.

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